Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Artdeco far!

I got this Dita Von Teese Quadrat box in Debenhams. I saw it was onsale for about £10.00. It's quite a nice size. Slowly but surely, I will fill this thing up! Here's what I have so far...

Eyeshadows L-R: 185, 520, 450
 Sorry for the bad swatches! The purple is so rich and deep. The taupe-y shade is perfect for everyday and I absolutely love the white, it is so pearlescent and shimmery!
 This is the concealer, which I got during summer when I wore fake tan almost every day. It was the perfect shade for me then! It is a bit too dark for me now when I am tan-less so I will have to invest in a lighter shade too. This concealer is in shade 5. Honestly, this is the best concealer I have ever used, it hides everything! It's a little to heavy to wear under your eyes though.

I love the "Beauty is Art" inscription in the mirror.

Do you know what would be great, I was thinking if I was able to stick in a couple of lip colours, face powder & blush. Then this would be a perfect palette to take in your handbag for touch ups! Sadly only the eyeshadows, blushes and concealers are magnetic.

The little Artdeco eyeshadow pans are so tiny, this is a great place to store them! Hopefully as time goes on this will be full of gorgeous Artdeco shades. They are quickly becoming my favourite brand! Everything Artdeco does is so glamorous and reminds me of the 1930s, which of course I love.

So I will do an updated post in the coming weeks/months when I have added more to my collection!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Outfit of the day - Casual wear!

Firstly, I just want to say that this is my first ever outfit of the day post. I thought I would introduce a little fashion to my blog, to add more of my personality and more content. I just seem to do review after review, but you don't really get to "know" me through that!  I do love clothes, so I'm thinking I shall begin with a few outfit of the day posts and see where we go from there!

Eiffel Tower top - Penny's 
Mint blouse - Forever 21
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Vans

This is what I am wearing on my day off from work, just for kicking around the house and going to the shops! Nothing exciting! It is actually very mild weather today. I am excited for the Autumn but it seems the summer has just flown by! I'm going to miss wearing all my bright colours. This sort of outfit is basically what I have been wearing throughout summer. The Forever 21 blouse is one my favourites, I also have it in coral. Pennys are brilliant for inexpensive casual tops, I think this one was €6! I tend to pick up several of them whenever I can, you always need tops!! 
Forever 21 are my favourite for jeans. I had never shopped in Forever 21 until about this time last year. I now have 6 pairs of their jeans. They are just so comfortable and they fit me really well. I will have to invest in a few darker pairs for winter though! They are also really cheap which is a bonus!

This adorable kitten is not mine by the way, it's my nieces! 

I hope the inclusion of fashion posts will be of interest to my followers! I have a few nice ideas so I need to get working on them. Hope you have enjoyed, & have a great day! 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel - Crystal Pink

I am a bit late in reviewing this. These Crystal Lip Gels were part of the limited edition "Splendours" collection - you may remember that I absolutely sang the praises of the Splendours eye palette! I have been using this lip gel all throughout summer, and has become a staple as part of my everyday make up!

Despite the name "Crystal Pink", this is a beautiful candy apple red gloss. I have been loving this because unlike regular lip glosses, this one isn't thick or sticky. It is so comfortable to wear. The consistency is much thinner than that of a regular gloss; looking at it, it reminds me of jelly!

The lip gel has a blackcurrant scent. It is so lovely and sweet! The gel gives the most lovely, subtle glossy tint to the lips and it really quite natural looking. I have been absolutely loving this! The only downside is that the glossy tint does not really last that long on your lips before you have to re-apply. It is a very generous sized tube though.

You may still be able to get this at your nearest Clarins counter. Clarins are very quickly becoming my favourite brand. From what I have tried of their makeup so far, it is of very good quality and quite luxurious packaging. Yesterday I purchased a few skincare items too and I am very excited to try them out!

I am also quite intrigued to try the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, which are also lip gels from their permanent collection. They are perfect for those of us who want a lovely glossy sheen, without the stickiness of wearing lip glosses!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Nails of the Day - Barry M "Grapefruit"

Barry M is a brand of nail polish which I don't usually tend to go for. I have heard a lot of people saying they are brilliant and they last a long time without chipping, so I am excited to put it to the test. Anyways, this colour is just so, so beautiful. The polish itself I felt had kind of a thick consistency but wasn't too difficult to apply. I applied two coats here. I suppose it does almost look like a gel polish.

This colour is so cute and girly! I wouldn't really consider it a "Barbie" pink, but it is fun and fruity and definitely one of the best pinks I have ever tried.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cocoa Brown - "Tough Stuff" !

Well here we go, another fab product from Cocoa Brown! I was so excited to try this out. You know when you have stubborn tan that you just can't get off? This is what you need!!

..And it is pink! What a nice touch! You can barely see the exfoliating beads here, they are so tiny and yet so "tough"! This exfoliator also features the signature Cocoa Brown scent, Tahitian Gardenia. So nice!

This is by far, the most effective scrub I have ever used. I have used this both in the shower and also when my skin is dry. I find it is more effective for removing tan when your skin is dry. Give yourself a good scrub, and when you shower it off, you can actually see the tan washing off your skin. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! It gives a slightly more gentle exfoliation when your skin is already wet.

After using this product, my skin has never felt in better condition. No rough patches, no lumps or bumps, just super soft skin. This really is a wonder product in my opinion! The sachet is good for maybe 2 full body applications. If you are worried about storing an open sachet, then don't worry, this product will be available in a tube come October. In the mean time you could store the Tough Stuff in those little travel bottles you can get it Primark.

Now because I was already wearing some fake tan (Cocoa Brown 1 Hour of course), I thought I would show you all how good "Tough Stuff" works at removing tan!

At the weekend, I was invited down for afternoon tea, courtesy of the lovely Cocoa Brown team. It was held in the fabulous Radisson Blu St Helens, Blackrock, Dublin. I had an amazing time, I met some lovely bloggers and just really enjoyed myself. Here are a few pics...

 L-R: myself, Danielle from The Imperfect Beauty, Rebecca from Give a Posy and Laura from Life, Laughs and Laura

Myself and the lovely Marissa Carter

Cocoa Brown have done it again for me! Tough Stuff is a great accompaniment for you fake tan wearers. Amazing at removing stubborn patches of tan, whilst leaving you skin super soft, ready for your next application! 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hair Care!

This is my first hair care post! I thought it might be fun to write about how I look after it and what products I use. I'll talk a little about my hair first. My hair is quite long and thick. I get it coloured every 5-6 weeks in the salon (I really don't know what colour they use though! It is pure copper though). I find my hair grows very quickly and I hate my roots (and now greys!) showing! My hair gets greasy quite quickly, I wash my hair every 3 days, which is amazing now since I used to wash it every evening! With every wash my hair colour fades so I really have tried to reduce washing as much as I can.
Here are the products I use...

Now I am a low maintenance kind of girl, and I really don't use many hair products. I don't style my hair very often, when I wash my hair, I will blow dry it and straighten it usually, and that will be it until the next time I wash!

I use Kerastase Bain Exfoliant Purifiant shampoo always. It is my holy grail shampoo. I know it is a little expensive at around £15.00 per bottle, but it really is the only thing that works for me. As much as I love my hair colour, dying my hair has made my scalp unbelievably dry and have really bad dandruff too. It was highly embarrassing for me and I was so self conscious about it. After trying every single anti-dandruff shampoo under the sun, my hairdresser recommended this to me and I have never looked back. The shampoo has little exfoliating beads in it, and really works incredibly well to combat dandruff. If I stop using this, my dandruff will just come straight back. It's so effective for me. If you have dry scalp or dandruff issues I highly recommend you check this out!

I use a lot of conditioner, so I can't really afford to buy an expensive conditioner. I actually got this Argan Oil conditioner in the pound shop. If I didn't use plenty of conditioner, my hair would be quite flyaway which I hate! I stick plenty of this conditioner on the ends and really work it through my hair and rinse out. It's quite a good conditioner which is surprising since it was so cheap. It smells really good too!

I discovered this Schwarzkopf thermo protect cream on BeautyBay. I thought it was perfect for me as it is designed for coloured hair too. It is absolutely amazing! The smell is just indescribable, so nice and fruity. I put this through my wet hair before drying, and I have to say, my hair feels so much more healthier since I started using it. I never really paid attention to heat protecting products before - oops! Now I really want to make the effort. I know it's called "Colour Freeze" but it didn't really do much to retain my colour at all. Doesn't matter, I still really like this cream.

Ahh my pink Tangle Teezer. I have a love/hate relationship with this. I read so many amazing reviews about these hairbrushes, I had to get one for myself. I disposed of my 10 year old hairbrush (ugh!) and finally picked up a Tangle Teezer for myself. My hair is so long, I don't have any layers cut it so it's all one length and it tends to get tatty kind of quickly. I have to say I really have to work with this hairbrush. It doesn't actually get through the tats as well as I imagined it would. I feel like the brush doesn't actually get through my whole hair. I want to love this brush so much, I really adore the shape of it and the design, and I am growing to like it. It just wasn't love at first sight (or brush!)

So that is my hair care...sorry if I rambled on a little! I didn't realise how long this post would turn out. Anyway, I hope that this may have been enjoyable to someone to read, ha! If you've tried any of these products let me know!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Benefit Fakeup....a disappointment

I was quite eager to try out this concealer ever since its release several months ago, however the £18.50 price tag seriously put me off. Benefit used to be my favourite cosmetic brand back when I was a teenager. However, now that I have tried other brands, both drugstore and high end, I now realise that Benefit are seriously overpriced for what they are. Their make up is definitely not worth the price. I could get the same quality for a fraction of the price. Anyway, back to Fake Up.

I was quite intrigued by this "hydrating ring" surrounding the actual concealer. Plus with claims of being crease-free, naturally I wanted to try this. Me wearing undereye concealer usually results in my eyes looking incredibly wrinkly, as the product quickly settles into my natural eye creases (I don't have wrinkles yet!).

I actually won this concealer on a Twitter competition, I was so happy I could finally try it out without paying the extortionate price. I chose the shade medium, as I tested these out once in Debenhams and the "light" shade was incredibly white.

I have to say I am really, very disappointed. It is a really nice looking product, the packaging looks fantastic and certainly the idea of a hydrating undereye concealer is most appealing especially to those with dry skin. My skin isn't super dry, and I am thinking perhaps this product would work better for people that do. When I first applied it, I couldn't help but feel that the product felt very "wet". It made my skin look really shiny and greasy. Within minutes it had settled into my fine lines. Also, as a "concealer", it doesn't conceal too much! The coverage is super super light. If you want to use this on blemishes, it won't work. The hydrating part of this concealer meant that when I started blending it out, the product more or less all disappeared.
 Can you see the "wet" look around the swatch here? 

So, not a great product in my opinion. Perhaps if you have really dry skin this may work for you, but I think it is a bit much calling this product a concealer when it has such light coverage. I recently just got an ArtDeco Camouflage Cream which is a terrific concealer and only cost around £7.00. 

Have you tried Benefit FakeUp? What were your impressions?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Battle of the Lip Balms!

Lately I have become shall we say obsessed with lip balms? I carry several around with me daily and apply them liberally (and unnecessarily). I love the feeling when you first apply the balm to your lips and you can feel it there, so I probably apply my lipbalms a lot more often than normal! Burt's Bees has been a favourite of mine for a few months, but after acquiring an EOS lipbalm (which I have wanted forever!) and finally getting my hands on Baby Lips, I thought I would put them all to the test to see which one came out on top!

Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm - £3.49 - (4.25g)

I love this lipbalm and keep one on my desk at work. It is not tinted. It smells so very natural, it is definitely a true honey scent. I can imagine that some people would not like the scent of it. The balm itself is unremarkable, I suppose it is a little bit on the waxy side. The little tube is very slim and petite.
I applied this one liberally, and I found that after about 40 minutes the feeling of the balm had disappeared. 

EOS Lip Balm "Strawberry Sorbet"  - £5.99 (7g)

I have wanted one of these lipbalms for so long! They are so unique in their packaging, it is like an egg shape with a screw off top. The balm itself is a large dome. The scent of this one is lovely. It smells like strawberry bubble gum. But is the packaging just a gimmick? I could not believe how soft this balm is when I first tried it. It feels so good to wear and it applies well. I got 50 minutes before the "balm" feeling had worn off. It is also worth noting how much product you get in this one compared to the others.

Maybelline Baby Lips "Cherry Me" - £2.99 (4g)

Ah the much coveted Baby Lips! Finally they have made their way over here. I chose the shade Cherry Me because I kind of like tinted lip balms a lot more and I thought this shade would be best on me. The packaging on this one is very sturdy and chunky. The balm itself is very soft and not dissimilar to the texture of the EOS. The scent of this one is just amazing! It smells like cherry sweets. I applied this and I absolutely adored the colour on my lips, the texture and that sweet smell! However - after only 20 minutes I was reaching for the lipbalm because it just didn't last that long on me!

So now I have to decide which one I like best! My winner is..... EOS! I just feel that for the price, the amount of product you get, the lovely scent and of course the balm itself which is super soft and hydrating. Plus the packaging is cute and unique!

I must admit I was a little disappointed that Baby Lips did not have any staying power, however I absolutely do adore it, especially for the cherry scent and lovely tint on your lips. I have been wearing this one all day today and it really is lovely, very good price too.

So I think Burt's Bees is going to take a back seat for a while! It just does not feel as soft and nourishing as the other two balms.

So there you have it! Have you tried any of these lip balms? Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Nails of the Day - Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour - Bel-Argus

Apologies in advance, this post may be a little picture heavy!

I got a lend of this beautiful polish, I had heard that this shade was just incredible. I had to have a wee go of it myself!

The polish is a shimmery, iridescent blue. Honestly, every time I look at it, it looks different. It is absolutely the most unusual polish I have ever used. You can see the minuscule glitter particles in there.

These polishes cost £18.00 - I have never spent more than about £6.00 on a nail polish. I have never used anything so expensive before. However, I have been wearing this polish for a full five days and incredibly, there are no chips despite having washed my hair and being working with my hands a lot.

I had to photograph my nails in different lighting, so you can see the polishes iridescence. However, I really believe that you need to see this one in real life to see just how unique it is! The formula was really good to work with, it had a great consistency and I am most impressed with its staying power. I think I will have to invest in a Chanel polish for myself!

Friday, 2 August 2013

July Favourites!

When I was making a list of things I had been using throughout the month of July, there really wasn't that many products I had been using. The weather was so good, and sometimes hot weather and make up just don't go! So... here is what I have been using in July!

Clarins Splendours Palette - Oh, how I adore this palette! The shades in here are absolutely perfect for summer. The eyeshadows have excellent staying power too. I swear I have been wearing these shadows every day since I got this palette. I couldn't recommend this enough.

Lancome Blush Subtil Palette - This is in the shade Nectar Lace. I have this palette for a few months now I think but it is only recently I started getting the use out of it. I am slowly but surely getting used to contouring! And the contour shade here is perfect. The blush is absolutely stunning, it is a deep coral with gold shimmer. I have been enjoying this so much!

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara - Oh my goodness, honestly this is the best mascara ever! I do not think I could live without it now! (well not literally). The wand is excellent, it is very tapered at the end and it perfect for getting into the corners of your lashes. The formula too is amazing, it doesn't clump or flake off during the day. It is just perfect and so long wearing. I absolutely adore it and the packaging is so glam too!

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel - I have completely fallen in love with this! It is so nice to wear, not as heavy as a gloss. It smells super sweet and gives your lips that perfect sheen. The colour itself gives you a lovely rosey tint. I think this is a fabulous product, and I will be doing a more detailed review very soon because I love it so much!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Scrub - My skin was not in great condition there for a while during the good weather. Layers upon layers of fake tan had really taken it's toll on my skin. So it was off to Superdrug I went to get a few items to remedy that! One of the things I got was this scrub. I would never usually bother with scrubs, but this one was on offer in Superdrug for £3.00. All I can say is "WOW"! First of all, the smell is just...divine. While I wasn't really impressed with the scrubs power to remove fake tan (it doesn't really), I can definitely notice a massive improvement in my skin. My skin has actually never been in better condition, and I believe it is down to this lovely scrub.

MAC Prep & Prime Protection SPF 50 - It's back again! I know I had this product in my June favourites, but I had to give it another mention. I was so so grateful to have this product during the heatwave, knowing that you had that SPF 50 protection on your face. I believe this is so important. I have actually used up this whole tube now, I need to purchase another!

IsaDora Sugar Crush Nail Polish - I love this polish in the shade Coral Crush. I have been wearing this almost every single day. I have never used up a whole nail polish but I am heading that way with this one! Orange polishes are a current obsession with mine. It took me a while to get used to the texture of this polish, now I think nothing of it. It is so nice and sparkly too, without the pain of removing glitter polish! Adore this so much.

Kerastase Bain Exfoliant Purifiant Shampoo - I have to tell everyone about this shampoo and how it has "changed my life". That is kind of an exaggeration. However, this is an anti-dandruff shampoo with exfoliating beads in it. My scalp is just horrendous, when I have dandruff, it is bad and I mean really bad. This shampoo is the only thing that works. I've tried everything in the chemists to the doctor's prescriptions but this is the only thing that clears my dandruff and actually keeps it away. If I wash my hair with another shampoo even just once, the dandruff comes straight back! So this is I think my 5th bottle of Kerastase that I have re-purhased. I honestly will never be without this shampoo!!

I hope you all liked this post! I honestly cannot believe we are into August's coming to the end of summer and I am not sure I am ready to say goodbye yet! The weather has been incredible (okay, not right now but we had a very good run!). I have had a brilliant summer so far. I took some time off work which I really enjoyed and I got to see Michael Bublé in concert twice, which was incredible.

I can't wait to see what products you all have been using in July!